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Friday, May 04, 2007

Mother In-Law

Mother In-Law

In India, when men marry they demand a dowry from their in-laws. In my case, I happened to marry a pretty girl from a reasonably poor family. From the very first day itself I had a tremendous sexual urge to strip my mother-in-law naked and view her milky white, well endowed assets.

I am a traveling marketing person and often I leave my wife behind on such tours. There in motels and inns, I routinely visualize my mother-in-law's nudity and masturbated, throwing my cum all over with excitement. On one such tour, I approached my father-in-law: "Papa, can I take my mother-in-law with me?"

He smiled. The weight of the dowry made him smile reluctantly. "Okay if you will, son," he said,
"But do take care of mum."

"Of course, I will." I assured him winking at my mother-in-law in delight. Now like most Indian women my mother-in-law was shy and conservative. I took her to New Delhi where I checked into a hotel with her.

"Will you take me for sight-seeing?" she asked innocently, "You see I haven't visited Delhi before."

"Of course," I told her firmly," First...we will talk about the's due for over an year..."

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