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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My first naturist Holiday

My first naturist Holiday
by Rose Eastmann

I love the summer, especially the summer holidays, My husband John has suggested trying a few days camping at a nudist beach. We talked about trying it last year but the girls, then ten and thirteen years old were a little unsure about it. So began a yearlong acclimatisation for all of us, we have never really hidden our bodies from our daughters, preferring not to run and hide if the girls ever walked in on us in the nude, and likewise the girls were ok if spotted by John or I. This was different, for the last year we have all agreed to be nude as much as possible around the house, we all still ran and dressed quickly if visitors came to call, but for the most part we have been nude for most of the year. We have a private rear garden and it only took a new gate, six foot tall and solid wood to offer total privacy and a sturdy lock, for security and we were all in the garden on any day that was warm enough for comfort. We all look so much better now too, even at the start of summer we are all a deep golden brown and careful choice of sun oil has left us all with very soft and moisturised skin.

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