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Saturday, September 04, 2010

Cape Town Getaway

Cape Town Getaway
by mindrazor©

My name is Candice. Having just finished school, I was really yearning for a break from the routine of studies and rules that had been part of my life for the last 12 years. The only thing I’ll really miss is my athletic career at school. I was the high jump team captain, and was also on the netball team. ( I’m 5’10”) I love sports, and find it more exciting to stay in shape that way, than spending hours in the gym, lifting boring weights or doing super circuits. I also love swimming, and as a result, I can proudly say that I have a lean, well toned body. My hair is light browny blonde, to just above my shoulders.

As I said, I was dying to get a change of scenery, so when my best friend Clara suggested that I join her at her parents home in Cape Town for the holidays, I just couldn’t say no. Clara Müller and her family moved to South Africa a year and a half ago, from Germany. Her father, Gunther, is an investment banker for Deutsche Bank, and to say that they’re loaded is an understatement. Her mother, Bergitte, lives the good life, and her younger brother, Werner, goes to a high school in Cape Town. Clara stayed at my school’s boarding establishment, here in Johannesburg. For some reason, her parents believed that a school away from the beauty of Cape Town would be the best thing for her. Well I’m glad they sent her up here. A more open minded and tolerant friend you could not find.

We arrived in Cape Town on the Friday afternoon, after a short flight, and were picked up by Clara’s mom. (If you have never been to Cape Town, do yourself a favour, and buy your plane ticket as soon as you can. It is the latest playground for the rich and famous, and with the famous table mountain as a backdrop, few places can make you feel more relaxed, and eager to party.) We wound our way along the coastline to Lundadno, where Clara’s folks live. Tom Cruise has a house here, if that gives you any indication as to the setting, which overlooks the Atlantic ocean.

The sun was scorching this day. We pulled into the driveway and got our stuff out the car. The entrance hall was beautiful. Almost entirely surrounded by glass, overlooking the pool and patio. Clara showed me to my room upstairs. It had a balcony, and overlooked the pool, as well as the ocean!. To my left was a beach. Yes! I remembered now. This was Sandy Bay. A well known, somewhat secluded nude beach. To my right was another room with a balcony, .....with a telescope on it. I figured that must have been her baby brother’s room. Ideal for spying on naked girls!!

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